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I met my wife while both of us were employed at Missouri Department of Natural Resources. She worked for the Soil and Water Conservation Program and I worked for the Air Pollution Control Program. She was raised on a farm across the river in Osage County and came from a family of five children. We’ve been married over 25 years and have four children of our own. We have struggled through infertility and several problem pregnancies, losing two children. We consider the four children that we have today as miracles.

Until the children are all in school, my wife Karen has chosen to be a stay-at-home mom. Karen is a wonderful mom, putting the needs of our children first. She works from the house and does accounting, including payroll, for our businesses. Karen is very kind, caring and compassionate in numerous ways and gets along with everyone she meets. She has the motivation and ambition to accomplish any task that needs to be done.

Our oldest child is Danielle (Dani). She is a Freshman at the University of Missouri at Columbia working toward a degree in Industrial Engineering. She is determined in what she does and she does work hard. Dani enjoys her freedom from living at home and does a great job in exercising it! We have a great father/daughter relationship. Although we don’t always see eye to eye, we get along great and she is not too embarrassed to be seen with me in public. I am always supportive and will always be there for her in any way needed. She tries to come home once a week and it’s always great to see her.

Our second child is Andrew (Andy). He is a senior in high school. Although a cell phone is almost permanently stuck to his ear, I know he is a good man working hard at school, completing the requirements for Eagle Scout and working at Staples office supply store. He has been accepted to attend University of Missouri at Columbia next year and he is also going for a degree in Engineering.

Our third child is Kelsey. She is in seventh grade and plays basketball and volleyball. She is a Girl Scout and active in band. Instead of a cell phone, she usually has a book glued to her face. Most of the time it’s hard to get her attention from her book, but she works hard to get very good grades. She definitely enjoys learning.

Our youngest child is Aaron. He is five years old and starts kindergarten this Fall. Sometimes he is shy, but most of the time he can’t stay quiet. Aaron’s full of energy and questions and enjoys playing with friends and toys. Aaron likes the outdoors more than any of our children and likes to get into everything.

Endorsement from Missouri Right for Life.

Copying and competing with my older brother, I wanted to get into restoring and building cars as a youth. I used my paper route money to buy my first car, a 1954 Desoto. When I was 15, I worked for a lawn and garden supply store for $1.00 per hour. When I turned 16, I got a raise to $1.25 per hour. At home, I rebuilt a 1966 Mustang or worked on peoples’ cars and made some side money. As a senior in High School, I enrolled in the COE program and worked for a body shop to learn auto body repair for my hobby. The employees were wonderful people, most with a lifetime career in auto body repair and some without a high school diploma. On the first day of my job, a coworker by the name of Carl, put his arm around me and said “Boy, we are going to increase your vocabulary”. As a young man, not only did they increase my vocabulary, they taught me the rewards of doing a job near perfection. It was amazing to take a car nearly destroyed from an accident and make it look like new. They taught me how work can be enjoyable and that every individual has potential to do practically anything that he would want to do. They encouraged me to broaden my horizon and continue my education.

It was hard for me to leave such wonderful people, but I went on to college at University of Missouri in Columbia. I received a degree in Chemical Engineering. Immediately after school, I went to work for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Working in Technical Support, Planning, and Enforcement, for 11 years, I became experienced with forms and reporting, the process of rule making, state operations, including treatment of employees and personnel procedures, office procedures, enforcement of regulations, the effect of regulations on individuals and businesses, as well as witnessing inefficiencies, wasteful spending, and the benefit of one group to misuse the government to regulate a competing group in the name of profit. Working for the State, I made lifetime friends and saw real people working hard. Although State employees sometimes get a bad reputation, there continues to be many good people that are sincere in their work and strive to do a great job.

Again, it was difficult to leave, but I left Department of Natural Resources for a pay increase and to further encounter new things. I went to work for an engineering firm. Soon thereafter, I started my own engineering firm involving engineering, consulting, testing, and training.

Cars were always my hobby and eventually evolved into a manufacturing business. Today, my business is a major supplier for machined parts to ABB, here in Callaway County.

I’ve also started businesses involving marketing, retail sales, and services using advanced technologies.

Why I’m Running for State Representative.

Since I have become of age to work for a living and raise a family, I have witnessed the impact of government regulations and taxes in my life. Through everyday living, I encounter people that share common experiences with government involved in our lives. For the most part we share common ideas that Government has many leaders that are not in touch with its citizens working toward a decent living. Some regulations and taxes have become senseless only to serve special interests or the growth of government.

Although most people know government is necessary, a lot of people I know want to live their life without getting involved with government or politics. Many people do not want to even discuss politics. I know some people that are so disgusted that they do not vote because the choice of candidates is not representative of real people. They feel that too many politicians have had personal greed interfere with decisions at the expense of the common taxpayer. There is no doubt in my mind that deciding to run for office is a sacrifice for myself and my family. I know there are many other things that would be more fun or productive to do than to public service. However, I believe that the future of this country is shaped by our leaders and our leaders should be representatives of the people not special interest groups gaining ground at the expense of the taxpayer.

Why I’m Qualified to Be Your Representative.

I was raised with common sense, strong family values and a good work ethic. Like most taxpayers, I think government should be effective and efficient. Excessive regulations and spending hurts productivity and ultimately the taxpayer’s pocketbook. Encouraged by coworkers and friends, I am willing to work for employees, employers, families, and retirees as a representative of the citizens. I have real experience with hard work and everyday people. I can jump into the trench and dig like anyone else. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty (most times, they are). I continue to work on the farm, construction, trucking, excavation, machining, engineering, accounting, and training. I can offer a real understanding of your experiences and needs instead of reflection and visualization of words.

My Goal as Your State Representative.

I’ve worked hard and been blessed with opportunities and wonderful neighbors, friends, and associates. I’ve traveled the country and seen many communities. Each time, it makes me thankful and appreciative of my home area and my wonderful neighbors of Callaway County. Everyday, I see more senseless regulations and taxes. I discover clever ways that our government is squeezing more taxes out of our paycheck. I am sincere in the interest in our children’s future. I’ve been successful in my endeavors and don’t need to be a career politician. My personal goals in this campaign are to represent the good people of this district, simplify government regulations, eliminate senseless regulations and waste and help shape the government to provide the required services expected by the people. I want to help the future of this district, neighbors, friends, and family. I believe I can be an authentic representative of the people and serve the best interest of the people, not special interest groups.