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I believe that the primary role of government is that of protecting property rights. When a property owner pays property taxes, that should cover any cost of protecting property rights. Eminent domain should be used on rare occasions and only for actual public uses, such as roads and sewers. Eminent domain should never be used for commercial development. A few people can easily profit from political position with the abuse of eminent domain.

Courts have stretched the interpretation of Missouri law to allow the government to seize property from an owner and turn it over to a developer in order to generate increased property taxes. I will stand up for the rights of property owners. I support a petition to place the property rights issue before the voters in November.

All employees are exchanging a service for a paycheck. New opportunities of good paying jobs should be encouraged in the marketplace. Senseless regulations and spending should be reduced in order to reduce the burden on the employees and employers. Employers need to be prosperous to pay good wages. Their expenses trickle down to the cost of their products and services and are passed on to the consumers. Senseless regulations and spending cost reduce the rewards available to hard-working employees.

The price of healthcare, fuel, groceries and nearly all other consumables continue to rise. When employees are economically limited due to increased regulations at their place of employment, they are also indirectly paying for senseless regulations in other service areas. This increased cost of living needs to be reflected in pay and benefits. Until the system is repaired, there are limited funds to offer for this increased cost of living.

I believe pay is the most important issue with state employees. Their pay should keep pace with the private sector so that good employees with experience and training can be retained. Additional pay should be available to reward hard work, efficiency, and waste reduction. Money should be available to directors to implement rewards without strings or other required outside approvals.

I believe money is available today to help employees without the need to raise taxes or cut jobs. Departments and their programs end up spending money near the end of their fiscal year in order to maintain or increase their budget for the next year. This practice results in unnecessary spending that costs taxpayers and deprives employees of better pay. I can cite numerous instances of this spending through my personal experience working for the state. Many people outside of state employment are not familiar with this practice.

I have many friends and relatives employed by the state who would appreciate changes for the better. I welcome any ideas, comments, or suggestions from any state employee on how to improve the working conditions and pay of our state employees.
Questionnaire For State Employees
Endorsement from Missouri Corrections Officers Association (MOCOA)

As a small business owner of several businesses for over 20 years, I know first hand how senseless regulations and spending are time consuming and costly. I would work to promote sensible regulations and sensible spending. And I would work to repair or remove senseless regulations that affect business owners in our area.

When is the last time you paid your taxes and felt good because you knew your money was going to be spent wisely? Routinely, government programs are not the most effective way of doing things OR the original intent of a regulation is lost in redundancy or waste. Everyday people encounter senseless regulations, redundant forms, or hidden taxes and fees. I will work to promote sensible spending and regulations so Callaway County citizens can feel positive that their taxes will be used for the good of the community.


Although we have the best healthcare in the world, most people will agree that there are problems with our healthcare system. I would like to point out two important issues that are problems with the current healthcare system.

First, lawsuits for malpractice are out of control. There is no mechanism for a doctor to recover 100% from a baseless lawsuit. Attorneys file baseless lawsuits against companies, doctors, staff and hospitals. Although the lawsuit has no basis, insurance companies will settle lawsuits for thousands because it is more cost effective than to go to court. No matter how petty, a doctor must report any lawsuit to the insurance company and pay an increased premium for a five-year period. Even if no malpractice ever occurred.

Second, insurance companies serve directors above the shareholders and the patients. Rates continue to rise as the quality of the service decreases. This shows the system is either extremely inefficient or corrupted. In either case, insurance companies should be efficient, accountable, and responsible. Every business should have the right to profit and prosper. The marvel of capitalism is that the consumer will allow profit while maintaining a competitive service. Insurance companies do not currently fit this system. In no other service area is there such a disconnect between the consumer and the provider. Loopholes and terminology allow providers to charge whatever they want while leaving you with an unpredictable bill. Imagine going to a car dealership and being told that the model you would like to purchase is anywhere from $15,000 - $55,000 and that you would be told the final cost after you signed the papers to purchase. The healthcare system needs to be fixed and I plan on doing everything I can to repair it.


I have witnessed the stillbirth of my son 5 months premature due to a second miscarriage. Admiring God’s beautiful work in my children, I will never understand government leaders encouragement of abortion. I consider abortion as murder of innocent life, not a choice of a lifestyle.


Education is by far the best investment in the future. In order for education to be its best, it needs to be accountable and competitive just like you and me. If there is no accountability, it is destined to corruption, ineffiencies and waste. Taxpayers deserve wise use of their money.

Unlike the ACLU and it’s attorneys, I believe that schools should encourage morality instead of forcing teachers to be overly cautious of what they say for fear of a lawsuit.

Citizenship, respect of other’s rights, family values, and good morals need to be taught in the education system. I am not an advocate for promotion of religion in public schools, but I do encourage teaching a good foundation for every child to understand right from wrong. Our society is becoming more violent and prisons are becoming overpopulated. I think individuals are destroying our education system by imposing their philosophy and agenda of “anything is acceptable” while belittling any acts of good behavior. I believe education is the key to producing a good person in life. Loving parents start the process at home and it should be continued in school.

Gun Control

As a law abiding hunter and gun owner I want my rights protected. As a citizen of the United States of America, I agree with our forefathers’ belief that citizens should have the right to bear arms.